Entry Level Fiber Glass Paddle (Orange Logo and detailing)


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Blade width – 8” (20.3cm)

Blade Area – 85sq.in (548cm)

Adjustment system – double and single clamps with locking pins.

Weight – 1100 grams

Length – 170 to 220 cm



This is our entry level paddle that comes with most of our ISUP packages. It is a 3 piece full fibreglass paddle with a durable composite blade making it both lightweight and extremely tough. Around the blade is an ABS rubber edge which protects both the paddle and your board. The top handle section has a double pin clamp where as the center section is secured with a stainless steel push button and a single pin clamp, minimising any potential movement.

This is a fantastic paddle for all abilities, it’s extremely popular with rivers paddlers due to the ABS edging to the blade.

The paddle extends from 170 cm to a maximum of 220 cm.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Entry Level Fiber Glass Paddle (Orange Logo and detailing)

  1. Karen Wilds
    (store manager)

    A company that doesn’t use alloy paddles! Good stuff

  2. Mike and Julie
    (store manager)

    A amazing to get a good paddle that comes with the board…… love the ABS and love the double locking features!

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